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This is a beauty secret to be shared!  

First introduced in New Zealand and quickly making its way around the globe, this indispensable No Bleeding Lips™ Secret Lip Liner has arrived in the US, sold at Sephora, Sephora.com, and Sephora inside JCPenney stores.

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Consumer Testimonials

Here is what consumers from around the world are saying about this secret beauty accessory that helps achieve the perfect looking lips: 

  “What a neat idea…why hasn’t someone done this before.”….Magdela 

   “Saw this in a pharmacy the other day and couldn’t resist it. Love it!” ….Mary

  “Thank goodness someone has brought this product out. I just hate those horrible lip lines that don’t match the lipstick. Yuk!” ….Debbie

  “Tried this product. It really works! I outlined my mouth just below the lip line and then applied the lipstick. Voila!! I had bigger lips. “….Jane

  “I think this is a must-have product for any woman and should be in every handbag. Such an inexpensive and useful beauty accessory.”….Penny, Make Up Artist

  “As a mature person, I’ve got some faint lines around the lips and have always had issues with a slight lipstick bleed. When I saw this product last week, I had to try it…  
  and guess what? It worked. Not only that, I felt my lips looked fuller which is not a bad thing.” .…Christine

  “Yeah…. A beauty product that is really useful.” .…Maggie

  “I’m going to tell all the girls about this little secret.” ….Jennifer

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